Friday, November 29, 2013

Dad: I agreed to teen daughter's marriage because she had been raped

KULIM: She was 13 and he 19 when they married last November in what was held up as a blissful union between two young people deeply in love. But all was not what it seemed. They are now divorced amid allegations that the boy and two friends raped the girl four months before they were married.

Nor Fazira Saad lodged a report at the Kulim police station on July 15 last year, claiming that she was raped by two teenagers and later by their friend, her future husband, Mohd Fahmi Mohamed Alias.

Her father, 44-year-old Saad Mustafa, recalled yesterday that Fahmi’s parents came daily to his house begging him to withdraw the report, saying that the possible punishment of up to 20 years jail and whipping would be very harsh for their son.

“They pestered me for five nights until I decided to withdraw the police report six days later ... as a father I understand their concern for their son,” said Saad, who is an odd-job worker.

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