Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Utusan Malaysia Dedahkan Gambar Seks Azmin Ali

KUALA LUMPUR: Several photographs allegedly depicting a man resembling PKR deputy president, Mohamed Azmin Ali, emerged on several blogs and social networking sites two days ago.
The photographs, which were exposed by a popular blogger Papa Gomo (
) and
, displayed the man with a woman believed to be in a house in two different locations.
The first picture shows he is believed to have walked in a living room of a house, followed by a second photo showing he is getting intimate with the woman.
The third picture shows the woman hugging the man resembling Mohamed Azmin on a sofa in the living room while he laid his hand on the woman’s thigh, while the fourth image shows both the man and woman are using mobile phones.
Meanwhile, fifth and sixth photos show the man and the woman performing oral sex on a toilet seat and the seventh and eighth photos show the man was zipping his pants while the woman who is sitting on the toilet seat looks on.
In the ninth picture, it shows the man resembling Mohamed Azmin took off the woman’s shirt.
In an immediate reaction, Mohamed Azmin strongly denied that he was the man in the photos.
He said the circulated photos by  Umno-controlled media aimed to embarrass him and his family.
“I vehemently deny this slander. It is a repeated modus operandi that was also used against (opposition leader) Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.
“I (feel) very upset because this looks like a series of slanders that have been orchastrated against me and my family.
“First, there was a slander against my wife and daughter, followed by an allegation of ownership and shares, then I was accused of insulting the Malay rulers.
“Most recently, I was also accused to have provoked the crowd during the Bersih rally last Saturday,” said Azmin in a statement.
Meanwhile, his sister, Ummi Hafilda Mohamed Ali challenged Azmin to take an oath to clear his name in relations to this latest allegation.
“I also challenge my brother to lodge a police report against Papa Gomo’s blog. As a sister, I want him to clear our family’s name and I want the police to investigate this matter,” she said.

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