Friday, March 23, 2012

Running Man will not come to Malaysia this April - Latest Update

Perhatian Lelaki Kacak : Sorry for the troubles we had caused, one of our news gatherer (author) got false updates from a worker that work at a TV Channel (we don't have the liberty to disclose this TV Channel name nor the worker name). I repeat: Running Man will not come to Malaysia this April, please help us spread this news so fans won't be wasting their time at KLCC.

Note: This fanpage is purely fanmade, please don't say we confirms any information, unless we said the information is confirmed!


  1. Runnning Man,pls come malaysia!!!

  2. come to malaysialh..not come malaysia..aigoo~

  3. Come to Malaysia!!! Then maybe I'll take leave on those days just to go see Running Man live!!!!!!!....