Thursday, January 26, 2012

Stephen Chow dan Model Bikini

In these modern days, appearances and age seems to not be a factor in love and affection. At a ripe age of 49, Hong Kong funnyman Stephen Chow – with all of his grey hair and wrinkles - is still sought after by an uncountable number of young girls, leaving numerous men seeking his 'playboy' secrets, according to a report by

In the list of young and beautiful ladies Chow has courted, Hong Kong's rising stunning bikini model, Kama Lo, who is just only 21-years-old, tops the list easily.

The Hong Kong comedian and his newest fling had been spotted recently enjoying a romantic holiday in Japan.

Besides that, reports stated that the lovebirds have been dating for a couple of months now, which makes one wonder how he has kept the information under the radar for some time.
Chow's management company has objected to comment on his personal life when contacted


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