Friday, December 16, 2011

Pebandingan Harga iPhone4s Maxis VS Celcom

Lihat Perbezaan Harga dari Maxis vs Celcom vs Apple

t’s faster, it’s sharper, it’s better. The iPhone 4s is now here - Kick off your coming new year with the latest addition in the iPhone series, the iPhone 4s.

Maxis is bringing you the iPhone 4s, which comes complete with a whole pack of revolutionary new features. From the much talked about Siri, to a dual-core A5 processor and all-new 8MP optics, your Maxis iPhone 4s will be the most powerful and enjoyable gadget yet.

Already tied up to another plan? No worries, because Maxis allows contract extension for your current Maxis plans. So what are you waiting for, with their iValue plans, Maxis is the one to go for!

Heard all about Siri and want to have Siri at the palm of your hand?

iPhone 4s is now here in Malaysia! Grab one of Apple's most awaited for product at La Bodega BSC where Celcom is offering you low rates for a brilliant gadget!

So quick, don't be left out!

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  1. ermmmm..... baru bulen mei hari tu beli iphone 4..... huhuhu.........